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MapSpirits is an international platform for consolidated reporting of locations and detailed encounters with hauntings, ghosts, demons, and spirits. With an archive of over 6,000 reported locations, we encourage open sharing and discussion with a commitment to establish a community of research for everyone. Our coverage provides a centralized location for all things supernatural.

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Around four days ago, I received a notice from my hosting company that the renewal...

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This site started largely as a personal project of one person, me. In trying to...

Most Common Forms of Paranormal Activity

The most common forms of paranormal activity do not always involve spirits or demons but...

MapSpirits unavailable is currently unavailable and we are working to resolve the issue...

MAPSPIRITS goes live

MAPSPIRITS is live and ready for you to review, report, and remark on spirits, demons...

Available again is available again. Apologies for the inconveniance...

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